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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Superpoke Pets Weekly Podcast

I'm really excited to have finally got the time to get back into my SPP routine, I've always set Thursdays aside for my Superpoke Pet projects, and my "pet" projects they are..I really enjoyed putting the time into all I do for my friends at SPP and our hobby.

So, Im hoping that getting back on track, and taking more time away from my work will help me a bunch. My time spent at SPP has always helped me relax, and bring a smile to my face. Who doesn't need THAT from time to time? :)

I've decided Thursdays are still the day for me, haha Shopping Day! (Of coarse!) So I'm making Thursdays my exclusive SPP day, to work on this blog (my happy place) for everyone and prepare for upcoming podcasts.

Im also going to host a live podcast every Friday for all of us to get together live, starting July 10th. I LOVE this idea! I think it would be sooo awsome to be able to yak it up with my SPP friends that have in so many ways become more then just friends at the playground, and accumulating coins.. many of you have gone way beyond the call of petting duty for all of us at SPP and what a beautiful bunch of people you are!

The laughs, words of encouragement, friendship, and all from networking through a social application. Who wouldve thought?

I figured we all get so busy, this would be a great way to get some answers, help real quickly, just say hello, or gab if were free. Everyone is in different time zones here so id like to try and accomadate everyone the best I can. Being the wigdit fanatic I am I'll make sure I have one allover for those of you who cant get in to grab it when its convenient for you and have a listen. Be sure to answer the poll, here to the right and Ill be more accomadatiing once I get the results.

I also think this is a great idea for beginners, as if you recall things were a little confusing at first, and surely now with all the advancement SPP have made wow Im sure some would like a few pointers to get them off to a quick start and talking live may make it seem easier. I may adjust time and frequency and add maybe a brief slot just for beginners to pop in if need be, well see how it goes.. but even just to get to yak with some of my SPP friends may be what I need too lol.

You're not required to talk, you can just curl up n have a listen, hear how crazy we all are over our pets and have a good chuckle, no.. youre not alone! haha. Theres also the text chat option.. You can access via your pc, cell phone, home phone, skype, voip.. facebook has the application, you could add it and join us right from there..


Kai said...

This is a good idea! Here's my FB URL:

I'm always amazed that even though I joined SPP earlier in the year I'm STILL learning so much. Thank goodness there are folks willing to share their knowledge. I'm always looking for newbies to train cuz gifting is my favorite thing to do!

JoJo said...

Yes they have really advanced in so many ways! I knew they had some pleasant surprises in store for everyone bcuz the only way this app was moving was forward so I urged everyone to just be patient as its quite a task tweaking an app of this size to all the new changes Im sure. ~Its an app for all ages you can completely customize! Bravo Slide Inc!!