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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Superpoke Pets! Levels

New information has been released this morning in regards to the pet level of your pet.
It won't be related to pet power or pet fame, infact it's now being based on the following criteria:

*Playing with other pet friends in different social communities Hi5, My Space, and Facebook..
*Playing with your own pet
*Having friends join Superpoke! pets
*playing with pets at (Im assuming the forum)
*Building your habitats
*And MY favourite - spending coins at the pet shop!

Reaching higher levels shows you want to take care of your virtual pet!
Superpoke! Pet Levels:

~ Baby
~ Cub
~ Littlefoot
~ Apprentice
~ Rookie
~ Shepherd
~ Pro
~ Top Ace
~ Champion
~ Top Champion
~ Premier
~ Premier Elite
~ Superstar
~ Guru

Friday, March 13, 2009

Poll Results- Superpoke Pets! How Often Do You Visit The Playground

Yesterday's Poll : How often do you visit your pet/playground?

50% of you said- "more than 1ce a day"

42% of you said- "every day"

14% of you said- "every 2nd day"

Thank you to everyone that came in to vote!

Do try to make it in to vote when you can, that way we'll have accurate results.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SuperPoke! Pets Shopping At Facebook

It"s "Shopping Day"

Its finally Thursday!
shopping day at Superperpoke! pets

Silly as it may seem, there are literally thousands of us that wait for Thursday to roll
around so we can shop for our
pets! lol
we're still in St. Paddys mode & I see many new items! yay!
If you havn't taken the time, go do your shopping a.s.a.p as some of these goodies won't last!
I love the mushrooms, colors of all sort...
Finally beach stuff again! yay! I wanted a beach, but sadly it was a sold out item when I joined
It's really starting to look like just "bring on the flowers! woot woot!
A few people have been wondering when new flowers would be out
apart from the basic (but lovely) red white & pinks..
Ive noticed new plants & flowers springing up so Im thinking in the coming weeks...
Thank you slide for bringing back the basic plushies
(feel free to leave your comments and welcome :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adopt Virtual Pets?

Free pet? You ask....-

Im going to try and answer so many questions my friends have about these virtual pets. They certainly have taken off and are the most popular cyber pets available online.
Now, I have some friends curious as to all the hype and what its about, not understanding my newest hobby, and then I have many wanting to know how to get these virtual pets and where. It's really quite simple. Go to and log into your account, or if you're in my friends list, or anyone's list with a pet go and pet them on the page and voila! Also ive noticed, our postings of play activity also now have an option for people to click on to create their own, I'm sure you wont have any trouble finding your way to adopting your new pet.

1./ --> Facebook -go to applications and look for SuperPoke! pets

2./ -->My Space

3./ -->Hi5

You have a choice as to which type of pet you can adopt!
1./ Special kitty
2./ puppy pets
3./ virtual turtle
4./ pet sheep
5./ virtual dragon
6./ free monkey
7./ dancing penguin
8./ virtual frog
9./ pet tiger
10./ online bunny
11./ pink pig
12./ panda
13./ chicken
These are the pets available to date at facebook that I know of, Hi5 and my space may be different although I wouldn"t think so. The bunny is the newest arrival, just in time for easter. Myself I have had three pets so far. LOL. Theyre ALL cute, hard to choose just one. Ive had A male puppy,Miss Piggly, a potbellied pig, haha, and now my pet monkey. You can exchange your pet quite easily on the superpoke pets! settings page. Go to your profile page while in the app and in the bottom right corner youll see "Exchange my pet" However you can not rename your pet, but I think this is something in the works. NOTE: before exchanging your pet however, remember your pet power will go back down. (I"ll write a segment explaining this soon.)
You choose your pets name- and you're all set to hit the playground. Go to the forum, make some new friends and have fun. Now I cant possibly cover everything here, but I will say creating and online shopping has never been so much fun! Ohh the "shopping"! lol. This is just where the fun begins! Now you can be individual and creative by choosing your habitats, and then on to creating and building them however you'd like. As well you can gift to other friends you have made on the playground, watch your pet grow as you control the rate by doing certain things and caring for your pet. You can enter contests, win great prizes, and acheive badges. You receive 20 coins for playing with someone's pet, and in return 40 when they pet yours. The forum will guide you, if you have any questions....See you on the playground!


Hi I'm Ricola.. JoJo's "Superpoke! Pet"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ricola and I welcome you to our page!

Here we can share ideas, get opinions or simply connect to say hello...
This seems much more personal for me, and I can share a little about myself as well.