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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Superpoke Pets! Levels

New information has been released this morning in regards to the pet level of your pet.
It won't be related to pet power or pet fame, infact it's now being based on the following criteria:

*Playing with other pet friends in different social communities Hi5, My Space, and Facebook..
*Playing with your own pet
*Having friends join Superpoke! pets
*playing with pets at (Im assuming the forum)
*Building your habitats
*And MY favourite - spending coins at the pet shop!

Reaching higher levels shows you want to take care of your virtual pet!
Superpoke! Pet Levels:

~ Baby
~ Cub
~ Littlefoot
~ Apprentice
~ Rookie
~ Shepherd
~ Pro
~ Top Ace
~ Champion
~ Top Champion
~ Premier
~ Premier Elite
~ Superstar
~ Guru